Dear Lola B,

I’ve loved you since the second I laid eyes on you.    I hadn’t even met you yet, but I saw your picture on some sort of pet rescue site and knew I had to have you.   The morning I met you, I went for a long run first and thought the whole time about how badly I wanted you to be mine.  When I finished my run, I drove forty-five minutes to a Pet-Smart in Cobb county to meet you.  I walked to the middle of the store, sat down at the rescue dog station, locked eyes with you, and two seconds later, you were in my lap!  You jumped out of your cage, straight into my arms.   The lady I was speaking with laughed and said, “It looks like she chose you.”   I immediately knew you and I were meant to be.   I tried to stand up and walk you around, but you didn’t want to walk.  You just wanted to sit and cuddle.

In order to take you home, I had to have Warren’s support, and the rescue people wanted to talk to all family members, so I called him from the store, with you in my lap still.  (He was away on a bachelor party in Oregon).  I tried to tell him all about you, but the only words I could get out were, “She’s amazing and all I know is I love her.”   Of course, he agreed.    After signing all of the papers and buying all of your things, I called him again in the parking lot.   Only then did I tell him that you were missing an ear and that you wouldn’t walk when I put you on the leash.   Those were all just after-thoughts…  I just knew I had to get you home!  You didn’t have a name except for the ones the rescue people gave you, Lulu….but it was easy to see you were no Lulu, you were our Lola and Warren quickly took to calling you Lola B.

In the beginning, you took some time to get used to Warren.  He was loving and patient, and soon enough you loved him too….although I was always your favorite.    You were my shadow for the seven years you lived with us.   Eventually, you learned to walk on the leash, and your missing ear only gave you more character.   You truly embodied a “rescue dog” because you always seemed grateful that we saved you from whatever hell you were in before we came along.  (All I know about your first two years is that you were EXTREMELY underweight, you were missing an ear, you had lots of babies, and you acted as if your feet had never touched the ground).

We tried to crate train you for a few weeks, but we gave up.  You were happy to be out of your crate and once you learned to use the doggy-door you usually went outside to pee.  You were never that interested in your food, didn’t care if you went on walks (although we tried to walk you daily), nor did you care too much about other dogs.   You cared most about being close to your humans and snuggling.

Everywhere we went, you got attention.  Your sweet seal-like face lured everyone in.    You just exuded a sweet, loving nature.    Even people who didn’t like dogs loved you Lola B.    When our family grew, you definitely did not get the same attention you did prior to the babies, but you still were so loyal, following me everywhere, sleeping in the crook of my legs every night.   You loved the kids and were SO patient with them crawling on you, pulling on your face, and trying to dress you up.  The girls LOVED you.   I think Andie’s first word was Lola.    You were a HUGE part of their childhood.    They love dogs because of you.

In 2014 we had to make a huge decision.   Warren was offered a dream position in Fiji, but the vets said it wouldn’t be good for you to go.  It would mean you wouldn’t have regular vet care (which you and your sensitive belly/eyes/skin seem to need) and you would have to be isolated in Fiji without us for a minimum of three months.  It would have been TERRIBLE for you.    Lola, we were SO torn about this decision because of you.  We love you so much and it was hard to imagine leaving you, but we eventually found you the perfect family who found an even more perfect fit for you.   We found you a family who would walk you and love you and spoil you!  You ended up going from one mama to two, and then to three….your final loving family.  They’ve been amazing for you, and for us.  They keep in touch with us and they help us know you are loved beyond measure.    It was SO hard to leave you, but they helped ease the pain.  Just knowing you are loved has helped the separation.

The girls still think of you as part of our family.  They still tell people you are their dog.  We get to see you whenever we go to Atlanta, and one lucky time we even got to stay in your new home and I got to experience you sleeping in the crook of my legs one last time.   Your stickers are all over our house (thanks to your mama) and I have you stuck on the back of my phone.

You will always be my favorite dog (don’t tell the others).  You will be the one who taught me how beautiful that human/dog relationship can be.   You are the sweetest, most amazing dog anyone could ask for.  I know it’s time for you to go.  It breaks my heart, but you cannot suffer any longer.   Thank you, Lola, for all that you are.  I am so sorry we left you and I will always love you…

Love your first human,

Mama #1